Price: 10.36 - 7.50

3.0 Hub USB HUB Splitter Multi USB 3.0 Hub 4/7 Port Hub Splitter With Power Adapter Computer Accessories Hub For PC


Name: splitter

Transmission rate: 5GPBS

Whether external power supply: external power supply

Style: black, white

Interface: USB 3.0


1 [USB3.0 seven-port splitter] independent seven, do not interfere with each other, expand more equipment

2 [No external power supply] easily drives two mobile hard disks, and can use keyboard, mouse, U disk and other devices at the same time

3 [Sensitive use of keyboard and mouse connection] No delay, no jamming, equipped with high-performance master control chip, more sensitive data command feedback

4 [Stable transmission without disconnection] The thickened core is fast and stable, the galvanized thickened core, plus aluminum foil and other multi-layer shielding, the data transmission is faster and more stable.

5 [Thickened Wire Escort] The thread body is made of thickened PVC material, which is bent and stored repeatedly daily and is not afraid of breaking.

Package Included:

1 * Splitter

1 * Cable

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