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1. Product introduction

HLK-LD2410 is a high-sensitivity 24GHz human presence status sensing module developed by Hilink Electronics. Its working principle is to use FMCW frequency-modulated continuous wave, to detect human targets in the set space, combined with radar signal processing, accurate human body induction algorithm, to achieve high sensitive human presence status sensing, which can identify the human body in motion and stationary state, and can calculate auxiliary information such as the distance to the target.

This product is mainly used in indoor scenes to sense whether there is a moving or micro-moving human body in the area, and output the detection results in real time. Farthest sensing distance up to 6 meters, distance resolution 0.75m. Provides a visual configuration tool, which can easily configure the sensing distance range and sensing in different intervals sensitivity and unmanned delay time, etc., to adapt to different specific application needs.

Support GPIO and UART output, plug and play, and can be flexibly applied to different smart scenarios and terminal products.

2. Product Features

  • Plug and play, easy assembly

  • The longest sensing distance is up to 5 meters

  • Large detection angle, coverage up to ±60 degrees

  • Accurate identification within the interval, support the division of the sensing range, and shield the interference outside the interval

  • Multi-level intelligent parameter adjustment to meet the needs of scene changes

  • Visual debugging and configuration tools

  • Small and simplified, the minimum size is only 7mmx35mm

  • Supports various installation methods such as ceiling hanging and wall hanging

  • 24GHz ISM band, compliant with FCC and CE spectrum regulations

  • 5~12V wide voltage power supply

  • The ultimate cost-effective choice

3. Benefits

LD2410 human body sensing module adopts 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor technology. Compared with other solutions, it has obvious advantages in human body sensing applications:

1. In addition to being sensitive to moving human bodies, it can also sensitively sense static, micro-moving, sitting and lying human bodies that cannot be identified by traditional solutions;

2. It has good environmental adaptability, and the sensing effect is not affected by the surrounding environment such as temperature, brightness, humidity and light fluctuations;

3. It has good shell penetration and can be hidden in the shell to work without opening holes on the surface of the product, which improves the aesthetics of the product;

4. It can flexibly configure the farthest sensing distance and the sensitivity on each distance door to achieve flexible and fine personalized configuration.

4. Hardware Description

4.1 Features HLK-LD2410(BLE)

Module size: 7mmx35mm, 5 pin holes are reserved in the hardware (the factory default does not match the pins)

The pin hole diameter is 0.6mm, and the pin spacing is 1.27mm.


4.2 Pin definition

5. Visual Configuration Tool Description

In order to facilitate the user to test and configure the module quickly and efficiently, a PC configuration tool is provided. The user can use this tool software to connect the serial port of the module, read and configure the parameters of the module, and receive the detection results reported by the. module. Data, and real-time visual display, which greatly facilitates .the use of users.

How to use the host computer tool:

  • Use the USB to serial port tool to connect the module serial port correctly

  • Select the corresponding serial port number in the host computer tool, set the baud rate to 256000, select the engineering mode, and click to connect the device

  • After the corresponding is successful, click the start button, the right graphical interface will display the test results and data

  • After connecting, if the start button is not clicked, or click stop after starting,the mode parameter information can be read or set

Note:The parameters cannot be read and configured after clicking start, and configuration can only be performed after stopping.

The interface and common functions of the host computer tool are as follows:

The ball is the target state output indication: red means that there is a moving target, and purple means that there is a stationary target:,Green means no one.

6. Bluetooth instructions (LD2410(BLE) / LD2410C)

6.1 Install software (English version)

Currently the APP supports Android and IOS platforms, you can download it from this link: (Android)

You can also go to major app stores to search for "HLKRadarTools" and install it.

6.2 Instructions

Open the app, and the app searches for nearby radar devices. The broadcast name of the device is "HLK-LD2410B_xxxx" (xxxx is the last four digits of the mac address). After the module is successfully connected, you can view the radar information, or debug and save the parameters.

The use distance of the APP should not exceed the Bluetooth signal range (within 4 meters).

The process of modifying the radar parameters of the Bluetooth APP is the same as that of the PC host computer tool.

6.3 Turn on bluetooth again

The Bluetooth function of HLK-LD2410(BLE) is enabled by default, and Bluetooth can be turned off or turned on through the serial port protocol (see HLK-LD2410(BLE) serial port communication protocol.pdf). If the bluetooth has been turned off, or the serial port cannot be used, the bluetooth can be turned on again after the module is powered off and then powered on for more than 5 times within 2~3s.


HLK-LD2420 is a high performance 24 GHz radar module with one transmitter and one receiver antenna. Its human sensing algorithm uses millimeter wave radar distance measurement technology and the advanced proprietary signal processing technology of S3 series chips to achieve accurate sensing of moving, micro-movement and standing human bodies.

HLK-LD2420 is mainly used in indoor scenes to sense whether there is a moving or slightly moving human body in the area and refresh the detection results in real time. It has a maximum sensing distance of 8 m and can be easily configured to sense the distance range, sensitivity and refresh time in different zones.It supports GPIO and UART interface, which is plug-and-play and can be flexibly applied to different smart scenarios and end products.

  • Single-chip smart millimeter wave sensor SoC and smart algorithm firmware on board

  • Ultra-small module size: 20 mm × 20 mm

  • Load default body sensor configuration, plug and play

  • 24 GHz ISM band with FCC, CE, and Commission-free spectrum regulatory approvals

  • 3.3 V power supply, supports 3.0 V ~ 3.6 V wide voltage range

  • Average operating current 50 mA

  • Detection target for motion, micro-motion human body

  • Real-time reporting of detection results

  • Provide visualization tools to support the configuration of the detection distance
    interval, sub-interval setting sensitivity and results reporting time

  • Support induction range division, completely shielding any interference outside the zone

  • Proximity 0.2 m sensing, no blind detection zone

  • Motion body sensing distance up to 8 m

  • Large detection angle, covering a range of ±60°

  • Support a variety of installation methods, such as hanging the top, hanging wall

  • Independent configuration of trigger and hold states, strong anti-interference capability

HLK-LD2420 human body sensing sensor can detect and identify moving, standing and stationary human bodies, and is widely used in various AIoT scenarios, covering the following types.

Smart Home

It senses the presence and distance of the human body and reports the detection results for intelligent control of home appliances by the main control module.

Smart Business

Recognizes the human body approaching or moving away within the set distance interval; lights up the screen in time to keep the device on in the presence of the human body.

Smart Security

Induction access control, building intercom, electronic cat's eye, etc.

Smart Lighting

Identify and sense human body, precise position detection, can be used in public place lighting equipment (sensor lamp, bulb lamp, etc.).

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