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KA300 grating ruler effective range is the shortest, the longest 1020mm 70mm per 50mm specifications
For example: 70mm 120mm 170mm 220mm 270mm…… 1020mm
Note: the range of the grating ruler needs your comments or message to the seller. The standard signal length is 3M, if you don't feel long enough, you can buy additional extension lines!
Product Brief:
KA-300 grating ruler is a kind of grating ruler which is widely used. It has reasonable structure,
The shape design is beautiful, good rigidity, can meet the majority of general machine tool users use, use long
Degree in 70~1020mm.
1. technical parameters
1.1, pitch:
1.2, resolution:
1.3, accuracy:
1.4, range:
0.02 mm (50 line /mm)
5 m, 1 m, 0.5 M
+ 3 + 5, M + 15, m m/m (20 + 0.1 C)
1.5, moving speed: high speed ruler 120 m/min (need to be customized)
Ordinary ruler 60m/min
1.6, power supply:
+5V + 5%, 80mA
1.7, the length of the cable: Standard 3M (special length can provide according to the needs of the user)
1.8, working temperature: 0~45
1.9, plug foot instructions:
1) suitable for: 9 core socket RS-422 signal output.
2) suitable for: 9 core socket TTL signal output.
FG: shielded metal case
Technical parameter:

1, voltage range: AC 80V ~ 260V 50HZ ~ 60 HZ

2, power consumption: 25VA

3, the working temperature of 0 DEG C to 45 DEG C

5, relative humidity: <90% (20 + 5 C)

6, weight: about 3.2kg

7, coordinate number: two coordinates, three coordinates

8, display: with symbols 7 bit display (two axis or three axis) data, information window using 8 bit word display symbol output

9, octave number: 4X

10. The display box allows the input signal: TTL Fang Bo

11. Allow input signal frequency: >100KHz

12, length resolution: 10 m, 5 m, 2 m, 1 m, 0.5 M

13 、 operating keyboard: sealed film touch button

14, 0.02mm: the grating pitch, the power supply is + 5V, the output between the two 90 DEG TTL square wave signal (with zero signal

The current is 50mA (accuracy is 3 m, 5 m, 10 m)

Functional description:

1, cleared;

2, preset number;

3, public / imperial conversion;

4 、 absolute / relative coordinate conversion /200 group user coordinate display;

5, power failure memory;

6, "1/2" value function key display;

7. Linear error correction;

8, sleep shutdown (DRO – 3E digital display box does not have this function)

Auxiliary zero function at 9 and 200 points;

10 、 auto find zero function


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