Price: 3.93 - 2.36

New Mobile Phone Ring Holder Telephone Cellular Support Accessories Phone Finger Stand Holder Socket For Phone Mobile Phones


Material: the panel is PC plastic, the ring buckle is metal (zinc alloy), and the adhesive is nano removable adhesive (also known as washing adhesive), which can be repeatedly washed and used.

Overall dimensions: about 40*35*7mm square (when the ring is folded and attached to the surface of the body).

Product weight: about 9g net weight (square model).

Maximum bearing capacity: about 2KG (for the first time, the pasting surface is smooth and flat, and 8 hours after pasting, it will be lifted vertically at 90 for testing. )

Color: transparent.

Features: Reusable, no residue, new strong washable adhesive, soft and not damaging the pasting surface, the finger ring can rotate 360 degrees, the vertical direction is 180 degrees, the hand feel is excellent, the rotation is damped, it is convenient to carry and use.

Universal in most digital mobile products in the market.


Product features:

1. The edge of metal ring buckle is polished by arc, without hurting hands.

2, light and small, portable, ring 360-degree rotation angle at will.

3. Effectively reduce crowded places to prevent the mobile phone or tablet in hand from falling or being stolen.

Package Included:

1* mobile phone ring buckle(The color of the ring is random)



Sometimes, due to the problem of the production batch, the material and appearance of the products are slightly different, and the color of the ring is randomly distributed, which does not affect the use. There are more silver ones.

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