Price: 18.90 - 8.50

USB 3.0 Hub USB Hub 3.0 Multi USB Splitter 3 Hab Use Power Adapter 4 Port Multiple Expander USB3 Hub with Switch for PC

Product Name: 4-port switch USB3.0 high speed hub

Product interface: USB3.0

Product introduction:

USB3.0 high speed transmission, independent switch and indicator light.

Product functions:

1. Equipped with gl3520 expansion chip, it quickly expands seven USB3.0 high-speed transmission interfaces for us. The high-performance main control chip ensures that each USB3.0 interface operates evenly with a theoretical high-speed bandwidth of 5Gbps, which is convenient for multiple devices to use at the same time.

2. The independent power supply provides stable power supply for multiple USB devices at the same time, and can work at full load easily. The built-in current protection setting can effectively protect the connected equipment and the hub itself, enhance durability, reliability, safety and stability.

Product features:

★ generous appearance design, reasonable interface layout and no interference with each other

★ the characteristic LED indicator design of each USB port controls the working state of each USB device

★ USB3.0 interface supports hot plug, plug and play; Easy to use and carry

★ support the overload voltage and instantaneous current protection function to effectively protect the connected equipment and the hub itself

★ it complies with USB 3.0 specification, supports high-speed 5Gbps bandwidth transmission, and is downward compatible with USB2.0 / USB1.1

★ drive free support for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 & Mac with USB support

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