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Industrial Touch Panel PC with Capacitive Touch Screen Celeron J1900 + 4GB 8GB RAM + 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB SSD

Industrial computer parameters

Aterial:aluminium alloy
Memory: Optional 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB DDR3 System Memory
Storage:Optional 32Gb/64Gb/128Gb/256Gb/512Gb/1 TB
System: WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/Liunx optional(Win10 pro is installed by default)
Graphic: IntelHD Graphics
Weight: about 4-10Kgs

System Parameter:

Intel Celeron J1900 (4-core, 2MB cache, main frequency: 2.0-2.42GHz, TDP power consumption: 10w)
Memory type DDR3L 1333MHz
Integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics

Parameters of LCD Touch screen:

Contrast Ratio:1000:1
Viewing Angle:Horizontal(left/right): 150°(75°/75°)
Vertical(up/down): 150°(75°/75°)
Response Time:30 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) (ms)
Frame Rate:60Hz
Color system:PAL/ NTSC
Interface:1 x VGA + 1 x HDMI + 2 * COM (default 232 protocol interface) +1 x RJ45 + 4 * USB + 1 x audio
power requirement of system:+ 12V DC power input
Power adapter:input:AC100〜240V,50 / 60Hz 1.5A MAX
Output:60W Adapter(DC12V — 5A)
Working temperature:-20°C〜60°C
Relative humidity:0%〜90%relative humidity, no condensatio
Plug:AU,EU,USA,UK plug available
Menu Languages:English,,Francais,Italiano,Deutsch,Espanol,Russian,Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese,etc
VISA Hole distance:75*75mm

Delivery Time

Sample:1~5 working days.
10~100pcs:2~7 working days.
More than 100pcs :5~15 working days


LOGO/Product Model/Case Material/Add Touch Function/Add Built-in Speaker/Add Remote Control Function/Base Style/Screen Size/Interface Type/Power Type/Installation Mode(Wall-hang/Embedded/Open-frame),etc.,can be customized for you(But need to meet the requirements of MOQ).
If you have this demand,please contact us,we will provide you with timely and thoughtful service!

Product interface (support customization)

Backplane I/O interface: 4*USB2.0 interface, 1*HDMI interface, 1*VGAinterface,1*RJ45 Gigabit network interface, 1*Line out (green), 1*Mic (red), 1 *DC 12V power

Remarks: Support customized interfaces: such as DC24V power interface, aviation power interface, 6 Com interfaces, dual LAN network ports, etc. Please contact us for details, thank you.

High-performance motherboard dual-core CPU

Using industrial-grade motherboard CPU, it has high computing efficiency, fast response, strong performance, low power consumption and power saving operation, saving time and effort. If you have any other questions or need other motherboards or sizes, RAM, SSD, please contact customer service, thank you

Product Size

Size:21.5 inch Resolution:1920*1080 ppi

Front panel With Dust and water resistant Functionality

Dust, water and oil resistant to break through environmental restrictions, more suitable for use in the harsh environment of industrial automation equipment

Ten-finger capacitive touch screen

Capacitive multi-touch for fast operation when your finger clicks anywhere on the system interface. Touch without drift, providing you with a more convenient touch platform

Runs 24 hours a day

Using industrial-grade motherboards, imported full-solid capacitors, the power consumption of the whole machine is <48W, the design concept of energy saving and low consumption with special technology, and supports 24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation to ensure production efficiency, saving electricity = saving money

Industrial-grade sheet metal heat dissipation design

The motherboard uses the metal back shell to dissipate heat, a technological breakthrough, low noise, better heat dissipation, and strong stability, effectively protecting the life of the whole machine

High and low temperature resistant design

The front frame is processed by high-precision CNC, and the steel body is forged by cold-rolling technology, which greatly increases the rigidity and compression resistance of the whole machine. It has been tested by a strict temperature control box and runs stably in harsh environments with large temperature differences.

Industrial protection technology

Easily adaptable to operate in a variety of harsh environments and meet high operational standards

Installation method

Easy to install, one-key boot
1. Embedded installation
① The cabinet needs to be opened before installation, and the opening size should be slightly larger than the opening size specified by the product.

②Place the product in the embedded installation opening reserved on the installation panel.

③There are two square holes on both sides of the device. When installing, use one end of the buckle to buckle the square hole, and the screw head on the buckle to hold the cabinet.
Then tighten the screws. The installation method of the other three prescription holes is the same to complete the embedded installation.

2. Wall-mounted installation

① Fix the wall bracket A on the wall with expansion screws.
②The wall bracket B is installed on the back of the all-in-one with screws.
③ Insert the back bracket of the all-in-one into the wall bracket to complete the installation.

About usage:

This product is widely used in industrial production workshop/engineering machinery/NC equipment/medical equipment/video surveillance/factory automation equipment/self-service terminal/vehicle advertising machine and other scenes or fields.

Delivery time

Usually we choose DHL, UPS, Federal and other express companies to ship. The delivery preparation period is 2-7 days, and the express delivery time is 5-20 working days (except for special circumstances).
1~5 pieces: 1~5 working days delivery time + express delivery time.
10~100 pieces: 2~7 working days delivery time + express delivery time.
More than 100 pieces: 5~15 working days delivery time + express delivery time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the machine waterproof?
A: Yes, the panel is waterproof, but it cannot be immersed in water.

Q: What is the standard installation method?
A: Embedded, wall-mounted

Q: Does it support desktop installation?
A: Yes, but you need to buy a desktop stand

Q: Why do I need to activate after reinstalling the system or upgrading?
A: Our default system is the cracked version and does not support upgrading or reinstalling the system. If you need a genuine system, please contact us to buy it or buy it yours

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