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Smart Watch W69 ULTRA Microwear Wholesale 2GB ROM Bluetooth Call Series 9 2.2 IP68 49mm NFC GPS Track Men Sport Women Smartwatch

Selling Points:

New function sliding left and right zoom in and out effects, up and down the list scroll zoom in and out effects.

2GB + 2MB big capacity.

Compass / NFC.

One-button connection, local music playback (Bluetooth headset can be connected to play) e-book, recording, main menu background, music playback interface base map push, offline wechat payment, motion-sensing games, GPS motion, game download, background management, APP skin function, APP motion track video, healthy family sharing positioning health information,SOS alarm, Album, video custom dial push


Platform: JL7012A6S, main frequency :192MHz; RAM:684KB+2MB ROM:2MB, song storage memory: 2GB
Product modeling sports health watch
Implementation standard: GB4943.1-2011; GB/T22450.1-2008
Reference size: 49*44*14.4mm
Case: zinc alloy
Strap: Same 45MM strap, strap buckle with screws.
Charging dock: Wireless charging
Environmental protection products: CE, RoHs
Main screen: 2.15 "TFT320*384
Touch screen: Capacitive fully fit touch screen
Bluetooth push: Call, SMS, wechat, QQ message content synchronous display
Heart rate detection: Support 24 – hour timing heart rate monitoring
Pedometer: Exercise meter, calorie consumption, mileage record
Sleep Monitor: Objective, scientific and quantitative record and analysis of your sleep status, 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next day automatically turned on
Bluetooth functions and versions: Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth 3.0
Battery specification and capacity: 350MAH large capacity polymer
Vibrating motor: Supported


Watch  language:English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew.


500+ dial free download, wireless charging, Bluetooth call, IP68 waterproof, compass, voice assistant, NFC access control, independent ringtone, independent clock, long bright screen, bedside lamp, female physiology, body temperature heart rate ECG blood pressure blood oxygen sleep, meter, Bluetooth photography, Bluetooth music, friends, payment code, calculator, contact person, weather, stopwatch, timing, alarm clock, combination lock, Flashlight, massage.

Packing List:

original smart watch

wireless charger

user manual

retailed box

free gift (screen protector and watch case)

Flagship LevelHigh Performance Processor
The dual-core drive makes the peak performancemore powerful and durable, and opens upa new evolution of extreme speed experience

Aesthetics Upgrade
2.2"Screen, Extremely narrowborder black border is only 1.6mm.

Offline Pay
Go out for sports without a phonepay as soon as you lift your hand.

2GB Large Memory
Built 30+ WatchFaces, and storemusic,e-books, recordings, etc.

High-precision sensor
Other health monitoring to predictthe physical condition in advance.

Bluetooth call
High-definition sound qualitysuch as live communication.

Sports Guidance
making sports more professionaland healthy.

Motion Games
Equipped with a somatosensorymodule.

Strong Battery Life
Ultra-low power consumptiontechnology, standby for up to 10 days.

Outdoor Adventure
High-precision compass and7-day weather forecast.

Support community/companyand other access control.

Exercise Guidance
Up or Down

Whether it's your first runin a while, a 10K, or anultramarathon, it takes aspecial kind of person toseek out challenges thattest you physically.
Ultra isthe training partner to helpyou push your limits.

GPS dynamicroute tracking
Share your sport trackto friends, Overall view+ dynamic shot +background music, justlike a movie Let yourcool sport track playaround with your friends.

7 day ForecastSimulate real weather
New looking interface, real-time simulation of real weatherproviding detailed information on wind direction, humidityultraviolet rays, visibility, precipitation andatmospheric pressure,making your outdoor activities worry-free

The compassreimagined
An accurate compass is as crucial for navigating thewild as a solid pair of boots. The redesigned Compass appdelivers all-new views and functionality that takewrist-driven orienteering to new heights.

More connected,far and away.
Calls and messages. Synchronize mobile contactscall records, SMS, make and receive calls, built-inspeaker and microphone, and don't miss importantcalls and information when exercising, workingmeeting, or driving.

Sensor moduleDive into the virtual world
Breaking boundaries, wrist interaction.Unlock smart watch new play, real fitness and game experiencea large number of types of online download free.

Puzzlefun games
Whether youare waiting in line for the bus oreisurein your spare time, spendyour boring time withyou anytimeanywhere, the game library willcontinueto be updated…

Great lifeStart here
To build the ultimate sports watch, we crafted everyelementwith painstaking attention to detail forunparalleled performance. Alloy strikes the perfectbalance between weight, ruggedness, and corrosionresistance. The new case design rises up to surroundthehigh-strength glass and protect it from edgeimpacts. The Digital Crown is larger and the sidebutton is raised from the case, making them easierto use while you're wearing gloves.

Out of the town,not out of touch.
Make calls,listen to music,voice assistantsNFC door access control… a variety of functionsall on the wrist.

Leave the cumbersomesteps, remember yourApps preferences, Quickerinteractive experienceopen therecent task list with one click.
Multi-function NFC,one-touchaccess control card simulation,smart door openingeasy to do by raising your wrist,and one-touch access to Apps.
Bedside lamp mode, Thevertical screen/horizontal screenisautomatically switched, andthealways-on charging modebidsfarewell to the dark at night.

Stronger PowerStronger battery life
Built-in 450mAh large battery, optimized hardwarepower consumption management inside the call,and newly upgraded power consumption that you don't have to worry about the lack ofpower at all. Longer battery life allows you to meetmore challenges with ease.

24H Heart rate

Using hi-leveloptical sensorscombined with intelligentheart rate algorithm,Whether it is resting heart rateor exercise heart rate.Can be accurately monitored.

Health FunctionInnovation BreakthroughEarly warning, comprehensive protection of your health.
Fearless of the stormIP68 deep waterproof
On the original basis, the improved IP68 waterproofsupports hand washing and wearingand accompanies you to explore the wonderful life.

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