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Original Chip TPA3116 D2 XH-M543 12V 24V 120W*2 Dual Channel Digital Power Audio Amplifier Board 120W x2 TPA3116D2
-Onboard front-facing IC to improve the input sensitivity, high-definition sound quality.
-Efficient Class D operation, with over 90% power efficiency and low idle loss characteristics, advanced modulation system configuration, multiple switching frequencies, AM interference prevention
-TPA3116 Advanced Oscillator/PLL Circuit adopts multi-switching frequency options to suppress AM interference, and when combined with master-slave mode options, multiple devices can be synchronized.
-TPA3116 devices provide comprehensive protection against short circuit, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage and -DC faults. If overload, the device will report the failure to the processor to avoid damage to itself.
Model: XH-M543
Chip type: TPA3116
Working voltage: DC12-26V
Output power: 2*120W MAX, DC12V, 2*50W,DC24V, 2*120W
Signal to noise ratio: 100db
Channel: Dual channel stereo
Size: 92*68*16mm
Weight: 68.6g
Class: D
Package Included:
1 x Audio Amplifier Board
1 x Audio Cable

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