Price: 7.03 - 0.99

1. High-performance mouse design

* Mouse refresh rate 125MHz, smooth use, no delay; Using low-light positioning technology, mouse positioning is more accurate

2. High-performance RF chip
* Using 2.4G wireless RF transmission technology, with 16 FM channels
High-performance intelligent wireless technology, using frequency hopping transmission, strong anti-interference ability: can intelligently avoid the interference of 2.4G wireless routers, 2.4G wireless headphones, and Bluetooth devices

3. High intelligent power-saving design
* Mouse power consumption adopts intelligent design, multiple low-power modes to save battery power
The mouse can detect whether the computer is turned off, and when the computer is turned off, it can automatically enter low power consumption


Material: plastic.
Color: Pink/Yellow/Cyan/Dark green/Lilac/Red/Light blue/Blue/Black
Wireless Technology:Bluetooth 5.2 & 2.4GHz.
Wireless Distance: 10m.
Ajustable DPI Switch: 1000-1200-1600DPI.
Button number:6.
Engine: Optical.
Power Supply: 2 * AAA battery (Not Included).

Package include:

1 * Bluetooth 5.2 & 2.4GHz Dual-mode Wireless mouse.
1 * USB Receiver.

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