Price: 7.01 - 9.56

USB 3.0 HUB High Speed Multi USB Splitter 4 Ports Expander Multiple USB Expander Computer Accessories for Laptop PC Multiple Usb

Note: The length of the line shown in the picture is different from the actual one. The length of the actual line is less than 50CM, and the actual object shall prevail.

Product Features:
The ultra-thin splitter not only guarantees ultra-high performance but also controls very low power consumption. It is not only small, convenient, strong and stable.
The compact and stylish shape provides 4 USB3.0 port expansion, the theoretical transfer rate of USB3.0 is up to 5Gbps, and supports 4 USB conventional devices to be used at the same time. The device provides a stronger stable power supply.

Product use:
It is suitable for connecting USB devices such as mobile hard disks, U disks, mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, etc. It supports 4 USB devices to be used at the same time, supports hot swapping, plug and play, no driver required. That is, you can expand more USB ports for your love machine, and at the same time, you can extend the USB ports to a more suitable position for operation and easy to use.

1 X 4 Ports USB HUB

Product material: high strength ABS plastic
Output interface: USB3.0 A type female 4 port
Lightweight, ultra-thin and easy to carry
Made of high-strength ABS plastic, fashionable and creative appearance, beautiful and novel
LED indicator design, control the power status
4-port USB interface supports hot swap, plug and play, easy to use
Support overload voltage and instantaneous current protection functions, effectively protect the connected equipment and the HUB itself
Compliant with USB3.0 technical specifications, data transmission is safe and stable
Driver-free support for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & MAC with USB support

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